General conditions

"Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. is an intermediary in the field of hunting tourism, and not a doer of the hunt. We perform the mediation and the organization for hunt performed by the hunting farms. The signed from you contract for awarding mediation obligate us to perform competent advice and to fulfill the conduct, desired of you hunt. By signing the contract for assignment mediation you authorize us to sign a contract for you with the authorities of the determined hunting area. Contract for assignment of mediation shall enter into force after confirmation by us.


Terms of Payment / Reservation

Occurred, according to the contract award of mediation, payment obligations of the traveler are due directly to the "Bulgarian Hunt Service" LTD. The traveler is able to benefit from the assistance of "Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. for settlement of the occurred before the confirmation the hunt necessary formalities in connection with arrival. The arisen costs are formed in separate account from the "Bulgarian Hunt Service" LTD. The confirmation of one hunting binds us after an advance payment of 50% of agreed and indicated in the form for the reservation cost. Remaining amount of these costs must be paid no later than 30 days before departure date. The value of hunting is specified in the reservation documents. The final payment of the cost for hunting is done locally through the payment record.


Duties and responsibilities

The company "Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. is obligated for:

• The careful choice and observation of the hunting areas;

• The accuracy of the described activities;

• The bona fide preparation of the travel arrangements;

• Provision of the necessary official permits for realization the trip to Bulgaria

As a mediator we are not responsible for accidents, lost baggage, injury, damage and costs caused by force majeure (accidents during hunting, traffic accidents, strikes, delays, natural disasters). Every shot is produced at your own risk. The hunting areas subject to many unpredictable effects which can’t be influenced or avoid neither by us or by third parties (weather conditions, wildlife behavior, conduct and also skill, dexterity and skill of the hunter, etc.) and for which we can’t take responsibility.



In the hunting area is making protocol for the hunt. After the hunt of client, the management of the hunting area and "Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. receives copies of this protocol. These protocols serve as the basis for the final payment. Therefore, any eventual claims in connection with the hunting, service, food, assessment of   trophy's or additional costs must be mentioned clearly written with the addition of "claim". Any claims can be counted only if they are brought on site and have sought assistance. If, however, the farm management refused to register the claim in the protocol shall be drawn report for claim, minimum signed by customer and the interpreter, citing on the protocol.



If the Client renounce from reserved hunt, has the right to indicate a third person, which can go in his place.

"Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. may cancel the contract if the conduct of the hunt proves difficult, dangerous or may fail due to unforeseen circumstances when the contract was concluded (for example: war, strike, civil unrest, epidemics, accidents, natural disasters, etc.)

"Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. recommends the conclusion for the insurance in case of canceling the trip.


Conditions for reversal

If it comes to waiver by the Principal shall be paid the following amounts:

Compensation for the hunting area;

The expenses over application and processing of mediation for travel;

The expenses for which already are requested permits and licenses for hunting;

The expenses for denial of flights, car rentals, hotels and others;



We inform the hunter about the current passport, visa, customs, currency requirements and requirements for health condition. The hunter takes personal responsibility for fulfilling these requirements.


Transportation of the trophies

"Bulgarian Hunt Service" Ltd. is not responsible for the opportunities of importing of taken trophies in the country of the hunter. Beneath particular account should be taken of need for permits for importation of species from the Washington Convention on endangered species. Every hunter by himself is responsible for obtaining permits for such imports.

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